Welcome to Sri Lanka Travel Destinations!

Hello and welcome to Sri Lanka Travel Destinations. This is a personal blog of my own experiences in traveling around this beautiful country called Sri Lanka. If you haven’t visited Sri Lanka already, you are missing out and this blog will tell you what exactly you are missing out.


What is Sri Lanka?

This tiny nation may be unknown to some people, but definitely not an unfamiliar name to travelers around the world. Sri Lanka is among the top 20 destinations to visit every year. A country does not get to such a feat with just a handful of experiences. Sri Lanka is a travelers paradise to sum it up.

Sri Lanka is an island situated just below the country of India and is naturally surrounded by some of the most astonishing beaches in the world. Coming inside of the country, you can experience the hill country with stunning waterfalls and green plains, tropical rainforests with immense biodiversity and an unparalleled culture.

The land area is a mere 65,610 square kilometers and in that little space, it holds some of the most diverse topographical conditions and life.

Over 2,000 years ago Thambapanni (name of Sri Lanka during early kings) was ruled by kings and queens and the remnants of those glories still stand the test of time to-date. After thousands of years of kings and queens, Ceylon (name of Sri Lanka as a colony) was under the rule of Portuguese, Dutch and British for over a 400 years. Influences from the Sinhala kings and foreign emperors have shaped up the culture of Sri Lanka and it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

This is a rough summation of what is in store for you if you visit Sri Lanka. Not intrigued? Try reading our articles and watching the pictures and videos. I’m sure I can convince you to drop by.


Who Am I?

I’m a student and a professional and on top of that an avid travel enthusiast. Lucky for me, my parents took me all around Sri Lanka when I was growing up and now I’m revisiting the places (because they never cease to fascinate me) and discovering new places.

I am a backpacker because then you get to truly get in touch with the traveler, adventurer and human being inside of you. What kind of traveler should you be, Sri Lanka can accommodate all of you.

I am a travel photographer (not a very good one at it though) and you will see my own pictures throughout this blog. Hope you like them. 🙂

Finally, I am a writer. A combination of these skills made me start up this blog and share my travel experiences around Sri Lanka with you all.

I am here to make a change – maybe even little as changing your mind to visit Sri Lanka, maybe even for a second time. If I do that, my purpose of this blog would have been fruitful.

Feel free to contact me about anything using the Contact page and enjoy this little travel guide to Sri Lanka!